Quick Changelog:

  • Added a Winter Field Day Template
  • POTA Template changes:
    • Fixed typos
    • Added ‘Their Park’ to QSO table
    • QSOs prepopulate RST with 59
  • Removed internally used field from .adi export

Winter Field Day Template

I know it’s too late for this years WFD, but I spent my time on during WFD getting the template right, and also work on refactoring the code to make adding templates in the future much easier. If there is a template you’d like to see, let me know over on the community site

What’s coming next?

  • Translations! This has been requested by a few users and it’s easy to achieve with their help! If you’d like to help let me know over on the community site
  • QSO Table Searching
  • I’m not sure, hit me up with requests! I’d love to start working on a Field Day template in time for June.