Some releases aren’t sexy. This is one of those. One new feature, some bug fixes, and a few quality of life improvements!


New Feature

  • Entering multiple parks in the ‘Their Parks’ field will create a QSO for each park


  • Added FT8, SSTV, C4FM, JS8, FT4, DSTAR, and Digital Voice to the Modes dropdown
  • RST, Frequency, and Time fields will present the iOS keyboard with the numbers top bar
  • A couple of more mixes for mobile layouts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrectly marked duplicate QSOs
  • Comments are no longer persisted between QSOs
  • Initial load screen actually loads now.
  • Clicking the HAMRS icon will no longer navigate to a blank white screen

Handling multiple Park to Park

The ‘Their Park’ field on the POTA form will now accept multiple parks, separated by commas, and create a new QSO for each entry.